Video Submission – I am a CARNIVORE

How to Create a 30-Second Video Submission: “I am [Your Name], and I am a Carnivore”


With your help, we will create an awesome grid of these video submissions to be used in the Carnivore Diet Documentary!

Create a short video where you introduce yourself as a carnivore. The video should be 30 seconds or less and should be recorded in the highest quality your recording device allows. Cell phones are permitted.


1. Preparation:

   – Find a quiet location with minimal background noise.

   – Ensure the area has good lighting. Natural light from a window works best, but if that’s not possible, use a well-lit room. Avoid direct sunlight on you or in the background.

   – Clean your camera’s lens or phone’s camera lens for a clear recording.

2. Setting Up Your Camera/Phone:

   – Mount your phone or camera on a tripod or stable surface at eye level.

   – Open your phone’s camera app and switch to video mode or turn on your camera.

   – Go to settings and select the highest video quality available. This is often labeled as “4K” or “1080p”. (30p) or 30 frames per second is sufficient.

3. Composition and Framing:

Position the camera at eye level and look directly into the camera lens.

Use the “rule of thirds” for composition. Imagine your screen is divided into three equal sections both horizontally and vertically. Place your eyes along the top horizontal line.  Center yourself in the frame. See the example image below.

4. Recording the Video:

   – Press the record button.

   – For the first 5 seconds, stare silently into the camera. This will give a buffer and set the tone.

   – After 5 seconds, clearly say, “I am [Your Name], and I am a Carnivore.”

   – Once you’ve finished speaking, continue to stare silently into the camera for another 5 seconds.

   – Press the stop button to end the recording.

5. Review & Submission:

   – Play back the video to ensure your voice is clear, and the lighting is good.

   – If you’re not satisfied, repeat the recording process until you get a video you’re happy with.

   – Once satisfied, save the video and prepare it for submission.

   – Fill out the Video Submission Form and Release below.


– Speak clearly and confidently.

– Avoid wearing clothing with logos or busy patterns as they can be distracting.

– Avoid having any obvious branded items in the background.

– If using artificial lighting, ensure it’s in front of you, not behind, to avoid shadows on your face.

– It will take some time to upload your file. Please be patient. If you click SUBMIT before your file is finished uploading you will see the message below. Just wait until it is finished uploading and click the SUBMIT button again.

Remember, the key is to present yourself authentically and confidently.

Thank you for your submission, you are supporting the cause to help millions heal!

I am a Carnivore – Video Submission

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