Cancer Care & Metabolic Therapy:
The Biggest Advancements No One’s Talking About

If you or someone you love is new to a cancer diagnosis, it can be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, you’re not alone, either. The American Cancer Society estimates there are 5000+ cancer diagnoses daily. Regardless of your journey ahead, the key is finding your strength to stay positive and plan ahead. As you begin your search online for resources and hope, you’ll find a lot of the same – prepare for chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and not feeling well as you endure all of the above. What you won’t find in abundance are resources about how to stay healthy during your cancer fight, using metabolic therapies and proper nutrition. 

Creating an action plan with your healthcare professionals is essential. However, don’t overlook the INCREDIBLE results of an action plan focused on nutrition, hydration, exercise, and mental health, too. Cancer treatment doesn’t have to be singular! Get inspired to start your cancer fight from a position of strength and motivation – create an action plan for yourself that leads to improved wellbeing!

Cancer Action Plan

Step 1: Empower Yourself

Take your health into your own hands.

As devastating as a cancer diagnosis is, blindly trusting others with your health can be worse. Yes, it’s important to consult professionals who have experience treating others with similar diagnoses. However, it’s YOUR body. It’s YOUR health. It’s YOUR life. Don’t take yourself out of the equation when it comes to making decisions about how you proceed. Know that every individual’s journey is unique – including yours. Empower yourself to influence your path forward and arm yourself for the battle ahead by immersing yourself in knowledge and listening to your body.

Step 2: Do Your Research About Cancer

When you or a loved one faces a cancer diagnosis of any stage or type, the scariest aspect is the unknown. And during this phase of the journey, there’s more that you DON’T know than you DO know. But you don’t have to be in the dark. Do your research to enlighten and empower yourself with knowledge that will allow you to better understand what to expect. 

By conducting your own research, we don’t mean to become your own Google doctor, either.

What it means to empower yourself with education is to immerse yourself in the similar experiences and journeys of others holistically. Take in the unique individual challenges and milestones of patients with similar diagnoses and paint a broad-stroked picture that provides context to your own journey. Become an expert and advocate for YOU, knowing that the beauty lies in the vast availability of information you need at your fingertips. 

Find inspiration, learn what questions to ask, and discover trusted sources about your cancer in:

  • Peer review articles
  • Online support groups
  • Medical studies
  • Testimonial videos

Explore Metabolic Therapies

Give yourself options by embracing other ways to stay healthy and reduce the risks and symptoms of your disease and/or treatments. Dive into the growing support for the science behind metabolic therapies as a method for supporting prescribed treatment plans. This includes cancer thrivers who take a comprehensive approach with nutrition, exercise, fasting, and more. Know the significant role nutrition plays in your health. 

Example: Sugars feed cancers. So, during your treatment, avoid overindulging on sweet treats or turning to high-sugar supplement drinks as meal replacements.  

Being well-informed about the array of therapies available, including metabolic therapy, equips you with a powerful tool for your journey toward recovery.

Step 3: Create Your Plan

Draft a personalized action plan.

A goal you don’t write down is just a pipedream. Make your cancer recovery a tangible goal and a pivotal step in your journey to wellness. Document a detailed outline and plan for yourself, with do’s and don’ts, goals, and action steps. More importantly, make sure your personalized action plan includes ALL aspects of your health, including mental well-being, overall nutrition, and energy. 

Most Patients Face Cancer without a Plan

Unfortunately, when cancer patients get their treatment plan, it only addresses the cancer. You might have a rigorous outline from your providers that includes chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, or surgery. However, other initiatives and regimes can help, too.

Jeff De Prosperis battled stage four cancer. But in addition to his prescribed cancer treatment, he made a plan. He devised for himself an eight-pronged approach to his health that incorporated:

  • Fasting 
  • Nutrition
  • Osteotherapy
  • Supplements
  • Sleep schedules
  • Exercise
  • Cold therapy

Take your treatment options beyond those only treating the cancer. Explore Jeff’s action plan more below and be inspired to navigate your journey with the same courage and determination. Create a personalized plan for you that goes beyond chemo and cookies. It’s your commitment to proactively take steps that will lead to further hope and healing.

Step 4: The Critical Role of Nutrition in Cancer Care

What you eat will either nourish your body or starve it.

Nutrition is mission-critical to your recovery and post-diagnosis lifestyle. But a growing number of cancer patients are realizing (and acknowledging) the role diet played in their diagnoses, as well.


Example: Chronic inflammation that stems from a prolonged consumption of unnatural foods, including sugars, is often a contributing factor to certain cancers. It’s why 

Discover the research of Professor Seyfried that makes significant contributions to our understanding of metabolic therapies for cancer. His work sheds light on cancer’s growth mechanisms and correlates the influence of an altered diet in changing the course of the disease.

Nutrition goes beyond the basics of diet alone. It’s about creating a lifestyle that wholly supports the mind and body, providing the energy and resilience needed to combat disease. You can create an environment that is LESS conducive to cancer growth.

Learn even more about cancer and potential contributors by watching CancerEvolution. This documentary outlines the evolution of cancer and features powerful stories of cancer survivors and thrivers who found more profound ways to combat their diagnoses. See how others have empowered themselves, personalized their plans, and incorporated metabolic therapies into their lives. Educating yourself will only better prepare you and your family to make informed decisions that can improve your quality of life and support your body’s fight against cancer.

Step 5: More Resources Supporting Cancer Health

Dive deeper into the knowledge pool.

Access a curated list of resources to further your understanding of cancer treatments, including metabolic therapies.

Learn about the science, the diet, and the regime that has helped many like Jeff find hope and strength.

Regime Example

A detailed look at specific examples of regimes from Cancer thrivers. Some of these include links to related resources:

Regime Jeff’s Regimen:

1. Chemotherapy
2. Fasting (Multiple Days & Intermittent)
3. Carnivore Diet
4. Exercise
5. Naturopathic Doctor
6. Osteopathy
7. Supplements
8. Heat and Cold Therapies
9. Prayer
10. Sleep
11. Mindset (Story Sharing, YouTube, Coffee Time, etc.)

Cancer Thriver Videos: Watch and be inspired by the stories of others just like you!

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FAQs About Metabolic Cancer Care

What is metabolic and nutrition therapy?

Metabolic therapy involves the interruption of cancer cell production, using nutrition, rendering cancer cells more sensitive to other cancer treatment therapies. As the NIH describes, high blood glucose levels (associated with sugars in the diet) are associated with increased incidence of various cancer types. Adjusting the diet to reduce those sugars with a low-carb focus will help normalize plasma insulin levels while starving the cancer’s growth.

Where can you find cancer support resources for nutrition?

While there are countless support groups and organizations dedicated to supporting cancer patients and families, there are far fewer reliable resources for nutrition support with a cancer diagnosis. And we’re here to change that. Empower yourself with the library of resources previously cited above in Step 5 of building a cancer plan.

Where can you learn more about the Carnivore lifestyle?

There are a host of misconceptions about diets of any kind because, well, they don’t often work. But the Carnivore lifestyle goes beyond traditional diet “fads” and offers a healthier way of life that nourishes the body. Introduce yourself to (and dive deeper to learn more about) the Carnivore lifestyle here!

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