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Jeff’s Message: A Call to Humanity


Join Our Mission: 1 Million Signatures for Cancer Change

Our goal is clear and ambitious: to gather 1 million signatures from individuals who stand with us in advocating for comprehensive cancer care that includes metabolic therapies and nutrition. By signing our declaration, you’re not just adding a number; you’re raising your voice for a cause that demands attention and action. You’re supporting a movement that empowers every cancer patient with the knowledge and freedom to choose a treatment plan that goes beyond conventional methods.

Take a Stand Against Singular Treatment Options

Cancer thrives in silence and flourishes from a lack of options. Break the mold by demanding a multifaceted approach to cancer treatment—one that includes metabolic therapy, proper nutrition, and an understanding of how lifestyle changes can impact health and recovery. Sign our declaration today and be part of the powerful wave of change.

Your Signature is Your Story

Each signature tells a story—a story of hope, resilience, and the demand for a future where every cancer patient has access to a full spectrum of treatment options. Don’t let these stories go unheard. Sign now, share with your network, and let’s reach our goal of 1 million signatures together.


Step 1: Empower Yourself

Take your health into your own hands. The truth is, in the face of a cancer diagnosis, you will either suffer or benefit from the consequences of your own actions and decisions and nobody knows your body and health better than you do. Begin by understanding that your journey is unique, and you have the power to influence your path forward. Knowledge is power, and empowerment starts with you. This is in your hands now.

Step 2: Do Your Research

A cancer diagnosis is undoubtedly scary, and fear is often compounded by a lack of knowledge. To combat this, it’s imperative that you become an expert on your specific type of cancer. The beauty lies in the fact that much of the information and answers you seek are available online. There are expert articles, groups, studies, videos, and more—all at your fingertips. Gather information from trusted sources. Delve into the science behind metabolic therapy and understand how it might enhance your treatment plan.

Sadly, many cancer patients find themselves funneled towards a single treatment option. Yet, there is a growing community of cancer thrivers who credit their success to a comprehensive approach that encompasses nutrition, fasting, exercise, and more. It’s crucial that every person diagnosed with cancer is well-informed about metabolic therapies and understands the significant role nutrition plays in their health. The notion that cancer thrives on sugar may be an oversimplification, but it holds truth. If you find yourself receiving chemotherapy only to be offered cookies and Ensure afterwards, it’s a clear sign to start asking questions. Being well-informed about the array of therapies available, including metabolic therapy, equips you with a powerful tool for your journey toward recovery.

Step 3: Create Your Plan

Draft a personalized action plan is a pivotal step in your cancer journey. It’s essential to consider all aspects of your health, encompassing nutrition, mental well-being, and beyond. Engage with your healthcare team to explore the possibility of integrating metabolic therapy into your regimen, where appropriate. Tragically, too many individuals are left navigating without a clear plan post-diagnosis, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness and being adrift. This should NOT be the norm. Asserting control where possible is not just crucial—it’s your right. Equip yourself with knowledge—because knowledge is power, and empowerment begins with you.

Many cancer thrivers we’ve encountered share a common thread: they took the initiative to create their own plans and regimes. Jeff De Prosperis, battling stage 4 cancer, is a testament to the fighter’s spirit. He devised an eight-pronged approach to his regime, incorporating fasting, nutrition, exercise, osteotherapy, sleep, supplements, and cold therapy. Regrettably, he had to develop this comprehensive regime on his own, as the only option presented to him was chemotherapy—accompanied by cookies.

In our resources section below, we will provide links to Jeff’s regime. Our commitment is to continually expand this section with more insights and action plans from those who are navigating their cancer journeys with courage and determination. Take the first step towards hope and healing, and remember that your proactive steps today can profoundly shape a better tomorrow.

Step 4: The Critical Role of Nutrition in Cancer Care

Learn why nutrition is critical. A growing number of cancer patients acknowledge the potential role their diet may have played in their diagnosis. WHY? Chronic inflammation, often stemming from prolonged consumption of inflammatory and unnatural foods, including sugars, can be a contributing factor. Cancer cells are known to thrive on sugar, making dietary choices a focal point for potential intervention.

Delve into the research of Professor Seyfried, who has made significant contributions to our understanding of metabolic therapy for cancer. His work sheds light on the mechanisms of cancer growth and how altering one’s metabolism can influence the course of the disease.

To gain a deeper understanding of what may cause cancer and how best to approach treatment, consider watching CancerEvolution.film. This documentary provides insight into the evolution of cancer and showcases the journeys of Cancer Thrivers who have effectively incorporated metabolic therapies into their treatment plans.

Nutrition is not just about diet; it’s about crafting a lifestyle that supports your body’s natural defenses and creates an environment less conducive to cancer growth. By educating yourself on these principles, you can make informed decisions that may not only improve your quality of life but also support your body’s fight against cancer.

Step 5: More Resources

Dive deeper into the knowledge pool. Access a curated list of resources to further your understanding of cancer treatments, including metabolic therapy.

Metabolic Therapy Resources: Learn about the science, the diet, and the regime that has helped many like Jeff find hope and strength.

Regime Example: A detailed look at specific examples of regimes from Cancer thrivers. Some of these include links to related resources:

  • Jeff’s Regimen:
    1. Chemotherapy
    2. Fasting (Multiple Days & Intermittent)
    3. Carnivore Diet
    4. Exercise
    5. Naturopathic Doctor
    6. Osteopathy
    7. Supplements
    8. Heat and Cold Therapies
    9. Prayer
    10. Sleep
    11. Mindset (Story Sharing, YouTube, Coffee Time, etc.)

Cancer Thriver Videos: Watch and learn from others

Sign the Declaration: Help us reach 1 million signatures to ensure every cancer patient is presented with metabolic therapy as an option.


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