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Meet the humans and see the incredible real-life stories of the people behind Healing Humanity. This team member community found hope and is now taking their journeys of empowerment and enlightenment to the world.

Kerry Mann

Meet Kerry Mann, a Carnivore and thought-provoking podcaster behind HomesteadHow! Kerry packed up his family of six to leave the hustle and bustle, trading big-city life for peace and growth on a sprawling 20-acre slice of rural heaven. He owns a small-town movie theater but has BIG plans to “help the hopeless” and “change the world!” As the driving force behind the documentary Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Human Diet, Kerry is passionate about changing lives, one health decision at a time.

Check out Kerry’s story and tune into his podcast for soul-stirring inspiration of health, hope, and wellness.


Adam Lacy

Meet Adam Lacy, a professional photographer and carnivore with a remarkable journey to share. Overcoming countless health challenges, including six-years of traumatic brain injury damage, Adam is ready to share his story on an even bigger scale. Adam and his entrepreneurial partner, Kerry Mann, are leading the production of the documentary Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Human Diet, an exploration into the benefits of a proper human diet.

Follow Adam’s story and discover hope and healing solutions to spark your own journey to wellness.


Lynn Divoky

Meet Lynn Divoky, BSN, a self-proclaimed “Midlife Carnivore,” and return to health success! Lynn faced 35 years of chronic illness, without traditional diagnosis or relief. After seeing 17 specialists without answers, Lynn was finally diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia in 2022. Lynn was forced into early retirement from her career in nursing and deemed totally disabled. Severely ill and morbidly obese, facing a crippling future, Lynn took the leap away from the standard American diet and toward an incredible reversal of her symptoms, remarkable weight loss, and return to health.

See Lynn’s testimonial and journey as a “Midlife Carnivore,” and discover how impactful the Carnivore lifestyle is for her.


Lindy Barker

Meet Lindy Barker, a wife and mother whose transformation has rejuvenated her life in limitless ways! After failing countless diet plans and even lap band surgery, Lindy had almost given up hope. She weighed 770+ pounds and struggled with compounding health conditions that robbed her of her mobility and confidence. She had Type 2 diabetes, lymphedema, lipoedema, hypothyroidism, and neuropathy in her feet. Her eyesight had begun to fail, and her smile was robbed by severe periodontal disease. Lindy found the Carnivore lifestyle and took one more chance – the payoff has been HUGE! Lindy’s lost over 500 pounds, and what she’s lost in weight, she’s gained in confidence! 

Explore Lindy’s journey and be inspired by her limitless possibilities to regain health and live her BEST life! 


Rebekah Bavry

Meet Rebekah Bavry, an Army wife, Registered Nurse, MSN-FNP Candidate, and ASD mom who shares her family’s journey in health and nutrition. Rebekah is a Certified Primal Health Coach, a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, and a PHD Coach for the @KenDBerryMD community – so, she knows more than a thing or two about nutrition and low-carb lifestyles. She shares her expertise on her YouTube channel and regularly within the https://phdhealth.community group.

As a future nurse practitioner, Rebekah’s hope is to help patients heal and reverse disease, focusing on metabolic and endocrine health. 

Get tips and insights for maintaining your best nutrition and find delicious keto recipes your whole family will love, too!


Todd Bockness

Meet Todd Bockness, with a truly inspirational Carnivore journey to share! Just a little over a year ago, Todd weighed over 715 pounds and had been permanently housebound for more than two years. He relied on oxygen 24/7 and suffered from a host of related health problems, including congestive heart failure and reactive airway disease. Only compounding his physical health concerns, Todd also suffered from mental health struggles, including anxiety and depression – but all that changed when Todd became a Carnivore. Todd is now off oxygen, has regained his mobility, is no longer reliant on medication, and has lost more than 260 pounds! 

Follow Todd’s remarkable journey and return to health and see how becoming a Carnivore hasn’t just changed Todd’s life – it likely SAVED it!


Graham Fielies

Meet Graham Fielies, a fellow Carnivore who’s documenting his journey to health and vitality with the world every step of the way! Graham began with aspirations to resolve a slew of health conditions that millions of Americans face – obesity, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic symptoms, and high cholesterol. Graham is living “proof” of the benefits of the Carnivore lifestyle. Follow him as he shares openly about his meal planning, documented bloodwork, daily struggles, and heroic victories. 

See how Graham is finding his way to reverse aging, prevent disease, and significantly improve his way of life as a Carnivore!


Emily Harveaux

Meet Emily Harveaux, a wellness coach deeply passionate about helping others transform and live their healthiest lives! Emily herself lost 150 lbs with the proper human diet, fasting and a carnivore lifestyle. Having struggled with obesity since childhood and throughout her pregnancies, Emily knows firsthand the consequences of poor health and nutrition. What inspired her to achieve her goals is now driving her mission to reach others. 

See how Emilly went from 300 lbs to keto, fasting and Carnivore on her YouTube page. Reach out to her as a wellness coach for support on your journey!


Robyn Herron

Meet Robyn Herron, a Carnivore who aims to spread the word to everyone, especially to the African American community and POC, about the incredible benefits of “The Proper Human Diet.” Robyn shares her story of being overweight most all of her life. After so many diet failures, she turned to Carnivore in February 2023. And she now enjoys “sweet freedom” from those terrible carb cravings! Her health has completely shifted to healing, with a reduction in inflammation, eczema, and weight. 

Be moved by Robyn’s journey of hope and health, transforming her life one Carnivore step at a time! 


Stan Robertson

Meet Stan Robertson, a data engineer, a fellow Carnivore, and avid supporter of the proper human diet. He enjoys outings with his family, home improvements, and playing Squash.

In spite of being raised on a vegetarian way of eating, which was considered healthy, Stan experienced inflammation, ADHD (although not diagnosed until his mid 50s), had boils, and was slightly overweight. He was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 17. When he became an adult, he ate a typical standard Canadian diet. Over time, other symptoms and diseases surfaced, including lack of energy, poor temperature regulation, kidney stones, sinusitis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic eosinophilic pneumonia, MRSA, dental decay, gum disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, and ED.  

By 2020, Stan’s journey of discovery led him to eating only meat and animal products and since then his energy has significantly improved, and issues were either resolved or are progressively resolving. As soon as Kerry announced that he was making a documentary that follows the results of those who chose a proper human diet in order to heal, Stan offered to help in whatever way he can to make it a reality. Stan does not publish content on YouTube, but you can connect with him using the link below.


Susan Arellano

Meet Susan Arellano, a 69-year-old sufferer of hypertension and chronic joint and back pain. As a 2023 adoptee of the Carnivore lifestyle, Susan has freed herself from medications, including her pain management and antihypertensive regimens. Now, she can walk long distances without debilitating pain. As a result of her renewed mobility, she’s also maintaining a 16-lb weight loss! Susan is no stranger to the human struggle in her profession either. She’s a retired BSN, RN Supervisor with years of experience with long-term care patients, women in labor and delivery, surgical patients, as well as cancer and mental health patients. Today, she’s an advocate and supporter of the Carnivore lifestyle and proof positive that a proper human diet can change everything!

Watch the video linked below to learn more about Susan’s story!


Rose Coates

Meet Rose Coates, a LIFE-LONG diet roller coaster rider and now Carnivore with an incredible story to tell. Rose’s affliction with food and dieting began during her school-age years. Unknowingly, she began her addiction to sugar and the association of food and feelings. Over the course of two decades in early adulthood, Rose chased weight loss results with diet pills, laxatives, and binge eating rituals. She has obsessed with counting calories and exercising, always experiencing the same results – a little weight loss, followed by return weight gain. In 2018, at her rock bottom, Rose took control by educating herself on the ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting. By 2020, she was stabilizing her weight with the Carnivore lifestyle. It still took time and persistence, but education has led her to success in health and wellness.

Explore more about Rose’s empowering and resonating journey online, as she now coaches others in finding their own path to health!


Chad Heeter

Meet Chad Heeter, Director and Editor of the documentary Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Diet. Chad’s extensive filmography includes a host of projects, allowing him to showcase his talents as Director, Editor, and Producer. A few of his projects include Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination (2008) and episodes of Frontline/World (2005.) Chad’s mastery expands into film and television production, along with experience as a Director for BBC documentaries. 

With Chad at the helm, Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Diet is destined to be a massive success, taking its place among the best of all health-related documentaries!

Rock Salt

Meet Rock Salt, Director and Producer of the documentary Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Human Diet. Rock made his directorial debut, earning recognition at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2018, with The Man on the Doorstep. Since then, he’s also directed the feature film about World War I, Eleven. Rock is an experienced documentary filmmaker and screenplay writer with projects including Miss Harper & Co and is a fellow Director at EPIC 4 Ltd, a production and film company.

A true master behind the scenes, see how Rock contributes to the brilliant truths revealed in Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Diet!

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